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Summer Seminars at Torri Superiore - Italy


Summer Seminar at Torri Superiore, Academy of Visionary Art


Since this is a Summer Seminar,

we will take full advantage of the natural Alpine setting.


Torri Superiore is blessed to have a stunningly beautiful Swimming Grotto close by, where students often cool off in the late afternoon and get in touch with Nature’s majesty & grandeur.

There is also the Bevera river just down the road,

where many of the locals cool off in the afternoon.

Hikes up the mountain lead to a village in ruins,

and further day-long hikes pass by olive groves and picturesque Italian villages perched on the hilltops.


The number of activities is endless, depending on what you can bring to the group.

A steady stream of events seems to happen spontaneously and almost effortlessly.

In previous seminars, one student led a Yoga Class, another gave Tai Chi lessons, and a third formed a Chanting Circle.

Music was our constant companion, with impromptu collaborations between students & residents.

One night a group of musicians from Naples gave a concert of Tarantellas while the seminar students came up with a Live Painting.


Over the last few years, we’ve also organized a Talent Night where everyone can share their gifts .

The staff of Torri Superiore love to get involved and we are their entertainment each summer.

We’ve also had Guided Visualizations, Laughing Yoga, Drumming Circles by the river,

Pizza Nights & Midnight Walks through the Alpine Hills.

Italian beer & wine were readily available through the ‘trust fridge’.

Sitting on the large balcony overlooking the beautiful hills, conversation lasted late into the night.

Sunsets were spent at the village ruins atop the hill, and painting in the studio lasted all through the night.


The Students demonstrated how Visionary Art is indeed an international phenomenon.

They have hailed from such diverse places as Argentina, the Sinai desert, India, Australia, Israel

& all quarters of Europe, the U.S.A, Canada and Mexico.

Each brought the distinctive taste of their own culture with them,

and offered a global perspective on the present transformation of world-consciousness.

At the end, a Farewell Party is always held, including an Exhibition of the students’ works.

The friendships forged during the seminar lasted long afterward.

After the Seminar, more activities naturally develop.

In the past, groups of students have visited the Damanhur Temples

or Ernst Fuchs’ Apocalypse Chapel in Klagenfurt, Austria.

Another group toured Europe before going to the Boom Festival or Ozora Festival.

After a vision at Torri Superiore, Jimmy Bleyer went on to found The Temple of Visions,

a gallery in Los Angeles which exhibited many works from former seminar students.
The possibilities are endless…



Students will also have the opportunity to learn and experience Sustainable Living.

Permaculture is a form of long-term planning in which an integrated model of life is developed

so flora, fauna & humanity may interact harmoniously & holistically.

The Associazione Culturale Torri Superiore is a founding member of the Italian Permaculture Academy

and belongs to the Global Eco-Village Network. it has no religious or political affiliations.

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